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Thank you for your interest in the employment opportunities at MEJ Personal Business Services, Inc. We are a full service language solutions provider and a temporary employment service. MEJ is a corporate member of The American Translators Association (ATA), the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) and The National Association for the Deaf (NAD). We have been providing detail-oriented services for government agencies and private corporations since 1994.

The language services division provides on-site sign language interpreting, on-site foreign language interpreting, document translation,interpreting via telephone (Interp-Via-Tele) and website localization. We provide interpreting and translation services in environments such as hospitals, courtrooms, auctions, educational facilities and meetings. MEJ is currently seeking foreign language and sign language interpreters nationwide. We encourage members of RID, NAD and ATA to register with us via postal or electronic mail.We offer support to our interpreters and translators and encourage those who are pre-certified to obtain certification. If you are a freelance sign language interpreter, foreign language interpreter or translator and would like to work with a company that is committed to providing equal access to services and establishing effective communication, contact us.

MEJ is currently accepting résumés from sign language interpreters and from qualified interpreters and translators of all languages. Translators should be accredited by the American Translators Association, have a degree and/or have equivalent industry experience. Sign language interpreters should be certified by RID, NIC Advanced or NIC Master level NAD levels 4 and 5, EIPA level 3,4, 5 have a degree or equivalent industry experience. E-mail capability and basic software knowledge are required. Use one of the following methods to send us your résumé:

Mail - 245 E 116 th Street , NY , NY 10029 .

Fax - 646-827-3628

E-mail - Resume@mejpbs.com . Please use one of the on-line registration forms and attach your résumé. Click on the link below that corresponds to your area of interest

On-line Registration Forms

Sign Language Interpreters - (American Sign Language) Our service is available 24/7, so your hours are flexible.

Foreign Language Interpreters - (All Languages Wanted) our service is available 24/7, so your hours are flexible.

Foreign Language Translators - Our service is available 24/7, so your hours are flexible.

Telephone Interpreters - (Interp-via-tele) - Work from home! Our service is available 24/7, so your hours are flexible.

Interpreter Position Available - Interpreter/translator wanted -The positions requires the applicants to provide on-site consecutive or Simultaneous interpreting services in various locations and environments Nationwide; in your Town or City.(Click Here to Complete Application).

Sign language Interpreters Jobs, Position Available - wanted we are looking for experienced Video Remote Interpreters and skilled applicants to provide on-site consecutive or Simultaneous interpreting services in various locations and environments Nationwide; in your City or Town . (Click Here to Complete Application).

We are particularly looking for and hire Interpreters and Translators of the following languages: Sign language, Farsi, French, Croatian, Bengali, Arabic, Albanian , Hebrew, Vietnamese, Haitian, Greek, Yiddish, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Russian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Gujarati, Hindi, Romanian, Vietnamese and All African dialects, ,Please complete the on-line application and attach your résumé. (Click Here to Complete Application).

Temporary Employment Department

The language services division also coordinates the activities of the temporary employment department. The temporary employment department provides government agencies and private corporations with temporary staff for mission critical long or short term projects. MEJ provides manpower assistance that includes managerial, supervisory, technical, skilled and unskilled labor.

We specialize in the following:

  • Construction Workers
  • Factory/ Industrial Workers
  • Engineering/ Electronic Workers
  • Managerial/ Administrative/ Accounting/ Clerical/ Office & Hotel Workers
  • Maintenance/ Repair Workers
  • Medical/ Hospital Workers / Specialists
  • Housekeepers/ Domestic Helpers/ Caretakers/ Cooks/ Drivers/ Governess

Mail - 245 E 116 th Street , NY , NY 10029 .

Fax - 646-827-3628

E-mail - Resume@mejpbs.com . Please attach your résumé.

On-line Temp Employment Application - Please submit your résumé with application

Sign Language Interpreters and Foreign Language Interpreter & Translators wanted in the the following States and Cities
Alabama AL
Alaska AK
Arkansas AR

Decatur, Dothan, Mobile, Montgomery, Huntsville

Anchorage, Fairbanks,Juneau, Kodiak

Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Jonesboro Little Rock, Pine Bluff
Arizona AZ
California CA
Colorado CO
Catalina, Foothills, Chandle , Flagstaff ,Peoria, Phoenix

Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Sacramento Buena, Park Burbank, Anaheim

Arvada ,Aurora ,Denver, Colorado, Springs
Connecticut CT
Delware DL
Washington DC
Bridgeport Bristol,Greenwich , Hamden Hartford Waterbury
Wilmington , Dover
District of Columbia
Florida FL
Georgia GA
Hawaii HI
Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa
Athens, Atlanta Columbus, Augusta Roswell
Honolulu, Maui
Idaho ID
Indiana IN
Iowa IO
Boise, Idaho Falls , Nampa

Indianapolis, Gary,Fort Wayne

Des Moines, Cedar Rapids
Kansas KA
Kuntucky KY
Louisiana LO

Kansas City, Topeka,Wichita,

Lexington-Fayette, Louisville
Baton Rougue, New Orleans,. Shreveport
Maine ME
Maryland MD
Portland, Freeport,Winthrop
Baltimore ,Bethesda, Gaithersburg
Boston, Cambridge, Plymouth,Medford
Michigan MI
Minnesota MN
Mississippi MS
Detriot, Clinton, Grannd Rapids
Minneapolis ,St. Paul ,Maple Grove
Jackson , Biloxi
Missouri MO
Montana MT
Nebraska NE
Columbia, Kansas City, ndependence, St. Louis
Billings, Great Falls, Missoula ,Helna
Nevada NV
New Hampshire NW
New Jersey NJ
Las Vegas, Reno, Sunrise Manor
Manchester , Nashua , Concord

Elizabeth, Jersey City, Trenton , Atlantic City

New Mexico
North Carolina NC
North Dekota ND
Albuquerque, Santa Fe
Fayetteville, Jacksonville, Raleigh, Wimington
Bismarck, Fargo
Ohio OH
Oklahoma OK
Oregon OR
Cincinnati,Columbus, Cleveland
Oklahoma City ,Tulsa
Portland, Springfield
Pennsylvania PA
Rhode Island RI
South Carolina SC

Philadelphia, Pittsburgh,Scranton

Providence ,Warwick
Greenville, Charelston, Columbia
South Dekota SD
Tennessee TN
Texas TX
Rapid City ,Sioux Falls


Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Laredo, Lareto, San Antonio
Vermont VT
Virgina Va
Salt Lake City,Layton
Hartford, Montpelier
Arlington, Norfolk, Suffolk, Richmond
Washington WA
West Virgina WV
Wisconsin WI

Seattle, Renton

Charleston, Huntington
Milwaukee, Green Bay
Wyoming WO

MEJ providing Sign language Interpreters Jobs , Employment for over 15 years . Sign language Employment oppertunities for ASL Interpreters and Language Translators Word wide.



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