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We provide dependable access to Romanian Interpreters and Professional Translation services to help you communicate the benefits of your product or service.

Romanian Interpreter and Translation Services

In need of a professional Romanian Interpreter or Romanian Translations to help you communicate with a limited English Proficient (LEP) client, friend, business partner or large group? You have reached the right place, MEJ is professional Romanian interpreter and translator service provider offering competitively priced and easy on demand access to professional experienced Romanian Interpreters and Translators nationwide. Our Interpreters and Translators have Bachelor degrees, formal interpreting or Translating training and have varying fields of expertise.

MEJ is dedicated to helping you establish clear effective communication with translated printed materials for Romanian Medical , Legal , Technical or Certified Translation and during your meetings ,appointment or conferences that require On-site Interpreters or Telephone Interpreting services. We have the experience , network of trained interpreters/ translators and we know how to help you deliver your ideas , services or benefits effectively to your non english speaking audience yielding satisfactory results..

It doesn't matter if your are a department head that needs to coordinate Romanian interpreter and translation services for a big event that include powerpoint slides, a Lawyer that needs a Romanian Interpreter for a legal deposition or a Doctor that needs to get a Romanian Medical interpreter for a emergency medical appointment. MEJ can we have the right Romanian Interpreter or Translator for the you. Our language service division is available 24 hours a day to respond to your request for professional Romanian Interpreter and translation services. We will work closely with you to develop a cost effect solution to address you individual or organizations need for professional Romanian interpreting or translations services. So, join the ranks with hundreds of other satisfied clients and call 212-426-6017 to get a Free Quote or use our On-line Quote request form to get your Romanian Interpreting or translation project scheduled today.

Our Romanian Interpreter and Area's of Expertise.

We provide Romanian Interpreter(s) services for medical centers, clinic, hospitals,health Care,mental health centers,doctor offices, nursing homes, legal and law offices, Court Rooms, Conferences , Insurance companies, meetings, government agencies, classrooms, social service setting , marketing events and more.

Our Romanian Translation Area's of Expertise.

Our Romanian Translators are experienced with providing quality Translations and terminology from the following fields and industries , sales, marketing, media, legal, travel, software, consumer,Immigration, business, telecom, real estate, Human Resources, technical, Public Relations,, medical, governmental, insurance , Health care, Advertising, Fashion , Art, Engineering , communications,real estate, and the translation of industry related materials.

Full service Romanian Interpreter and Translation Service

Types of Romanian Interpreter services we provide

Please consider MEJ when you a Romanian Interpreter or Translation is needed Call 212-426-6017.

Organizational member of the International Medical Interpreters Association,The American Translators Association and The Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Interpreters and Translators Confidentiality

When using MEJ you will be guaranteed to received a experienced trained professional Romanian interpreter or translator that has been screened and understand the importance of cultural brokering. In addition to providing professional on-site Romanian interpreters we also provide access to over 140 more languages, All of our interpreters and translators are bound by Intepreters and translators professional code of ethics and are familiar with HIPAA regulations. You can rest assured that the your rights to confidentiality will be observed and protected. MEJ Skilled professional Romanian translators are experienced with dellivery high quality translation of document ,video,audio and web. Our skilled team of professional interpreters are eager to assist you with emergency needs and scheduled appointment that require Romanian interpreter services and our translation department welcome your request for Rush Romanian to English or English to Romanian translation services


Romanian Language Help

Romanian Alphabet
The Romanian alphabet is as follows:

A, a (a); Ă, ă (ă); Â, â (â din a); B, b (be), C, c (ce); D, d (de), E, e (e); F, f (fe / ef); G, g (ghe / ge); H, h (ha / haş); I, i (i); Î, î (î din i); J, j (je), K, k (ka de la kilogram), L, l (le / el); M, m (me / em); N, n (ne / en); O, o (o); P, p (pe); Q (chiu); R, r, (re / er); S, s (se / es); Ş, ş (şe); T, t (te); Ţ, ţ (ţe); U, u (u); V, v (ve); W (dublu ve); X, x (ics); Y (i grec); Z, z (ze / zet).
K, Q, W and Y are not part of the native alphabet, were officially introduced in the Romanian alphabet in 1982 and are mostly used to write loanwords like kilogram, quasar, watt, and yoga.

The Romanian alphabet is based on the Latin alphabet, and has five additional letters (these are not diacriticals, but letters in their own right). Initially, there were as many as 12 additional letters but some of them disappeared in subsequent reforms. Also, until the early 20th century, a short vowel marker was used.

Today the Romanian alphabet is largely phonemic. However, the letters "â" (used inside the words) and "î" (used at the beginning or the end; it can also be used in the middle of a composite word) both represent the same close central unrounded vowel /ɨ/.

Another exception from a completely phonetic writing system is the fact that vowels and their respective semivowels are not distinguished in writing. In dictionaries the distinction is marked by separating the entry word into syllables for the words containing a hiatus that might be mispronounced as a diphthong or a triphthong.

Stressed vowels also are not marked in writing, except very rarely in cases where by misplacing the stress a word might change its meaning and if the meaning is not obvious from the context. For example trei copíi means "three children" while trei cópii means "three copies".

Romanian Pronunciation
h is not silent like in other Romance languages such as Spanish and French, but represents the phoneme /h/, except in the groups ch and gh (see below)
j represents /ʒ/, as in French or Portuguese.
There are two letters with a comma below, Ș and Ț, which represent the sounds /ʃ/ and /ʦ/. However, the allographs with a cedilla instead of a comma, Ş and Ţ, became widespread when pre-Unicode and early Unicode character sets did not include the standard form.
A final orthographical i after a consonant often represents the palatalization of the consonant (e. g. lup /lup/ "wolf" vs. lupi /lupʲ/ "wolves") -- it is not pronounced like Italian lupi (which also means "wolves"), and is indeed an example of the Slavic influence on Romanian.
ă represents the schwa, /ə/.
î and â both represent the sound /ɨ/. See Romanian alphabet for details on use.
The letter e is generally pronounced as the diphthong ie /je/ when it is in the beginning of a form of the verb a fi "to be", e. g. este /jeste/ "is". This rule also applies to personal pronouns beginning with e, e. g. el /jel/ "he". This also shows the Slavic influence on the language.
x represents either the phoneme /ks/ as in expresie = expression, or /gz/ as in exemplu = example, as in English.
As in Italian, the letters c and g represent the affricates /ʧ/ and /ʤ/ before i and e, and /k/ and /g/ elsewhere. When /k/ and /g/ are followed by vowels /e/ and /i/ (or their corresponding semivowels or the final /ʲ/) the digraphs ch and gh are used instead of c and g, as shown in the table below.
Group Phoneme Pronunciation Examples
ce, ci /tʃ/ ch in chest, cheek cerc (circle), cine (who)
che, chi /k/ k in kettle, kiss chem (I call), chimie (chemistry)
ge, gi /dʒ/ j in jelly, jigsaw ger (frost), gimnast (gymnast)
ghe, ghi /g/ g in get, give gheţar (glacier), ghid (guide)

Punctuation and capitalization
The main particularities Romanian has relative to other languages using the Latin alphabet are:

The quotation marks use the Polish format in the format „quote «inside» quote”, that is, 99 down and 99 up for normal quotations, with the addition of non-French double angle quotes without space for inside quotation when necessary.
Proper quotations which span multiple paragraphs don't start each paragraph with the quotation marks; one single pair of quotation marks is always used, regardless of how many paragraphs are quoted;
Dialogues are identified with quotation dashes;
The Oxford comma before "and" is considered incorrect ("red, yellow and blue" is the proper format);
Punctuation signs which follow a text in parentheses always follow the final bracket;
In titles, only the first letter of the first word is capitalized, the rest of the title using sentence capitalization (with all its rules: proper names are capitalized as usual, etc.).
Names of months and days are not capitalized (ianuarie "January", joi "Thursday")
Adjectives derived from proper names are not capitalized (Germania "Germany", but german "German")

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Commited to providing quality Romanian interpreter services for the Romanian Community and Increase the number of certified Romanian interpreters.

Professional Romanian Interpreter and Romanian translation services for New York City , Bronx, Queens, NYC Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester County, New Jersey NJ, Buffalo NY,Rochester NY, Yonkers NY, Syracuse NY, Albany NY , New Rochelle NY, Mount Vernon NY, Schenectady NY, Utica NY ,New York, NYC Newark NJ, Jersey City NJ, Paterson NJ, Elizabeth NJ, Edison NJ, Township NJ,Woodbridge Township , Dover Township Hamilton NJ , Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, Pittsburgh PA, Allentown PA, Erie Upper Darby TWP Reading PA, Scranton PA, Bethlehem PA, Lower Merion PA,Connecticut CT,Chicago Chicago , Los Angeles LA,Florida Fl, California, Ohio, London UK.



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