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 Translation Services NYC, Translation Services New York, Personal Tran, Professional Translation and Interpretation Services NYC : Maximizes your ability to communicate with LEP and Deaf clients in 170 Languages

MEJ Personal Business Services, Inc. is a professional Translation Services and a Interpreters and Translators Agency offering you high quality Translation Services, Language Translation Services, Document Translation, and Interpreter assistance via On site, Video and Telephone. We Specialize in providing high quality Multicultural Medical Translation, Legal Translation, Technical Translation, Localization, Games Translation, Translation of applications, Software localization Transcription, Subtitles, Voice Overs, and Certified Translation Services for your official Personal and Business documents, Audio, Video and Website.

Our interperter Service provides you on demand access to Foreign Language Interpretation Services or Certified Sign language Interpreter or team for your event such as a Legal deposition, business meetings ,medical appointments, Hospitals, Insurance interviews, conferences and more.

Our Translation company has combined our management expertise with our talents for the Translating of languages and the accurate Translation and Interpretation of meaning by trained Translators and Interpreters to offer you a service that is matched by few within this industry! As a leader in our field, MEJ is making an impact that can be felt all across the globe in over 170 different languages.

MEJ's ability to provide dependable cost effective accurate ,Interpreting Services, Translations, Sign Language and Tax Preparation Services that assist customers in obtaining equal access to services, information and communicate effectively with non English speaking or Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients, clients, students and business partners is remarkable!

Professional Business Translation Services for Over 150 Languages

MEJ Translation services New York delivers your Culturally and Linguistically correct Language Translation projects on time exactly the way that you want and expect them to be!

Choosing M E J as your Languages Translation Services provider will minimize the risk associated with erorrs, omissions, improper treatment, poor client comprehension of your services offered or misdiagnoses of treatment while increasing LEP and Deaf or Hard of Hearing client satisfaction with services rendered by your organization.

Remember that there is no Translation or Interpreter project is too big or too small, and we will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that we develop a cost effective solution that will address your needs for Quality Personal Translation Services or accurate Business Translation.

So when considering MEJ Personal Business Services, Inc. for your Interpreting, Translation, and Financial service needs, know one thing for certain. Our team is your team and you're going to love the way we work!

MEJ is a Small Business Administration approved 8(a) Business Development contractor, a New York State Certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, Organizational members of the American Translators Association ATA and National Council on Interpreting in Healthcare NCIH; that is continuously committed to creating and maintaining friendly atmospheres for your Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Limited English Proficient (LEP) clients.


Language Services We offer

MEJ provides the following services for assisting your Deaf or Hard of Hearing and LEP clients with the most effective and comfortable means of communication

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Sign language Interpreting NYC
Offering you on-site Interpreters assistance communicating with your Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Blind clients for Emergencies and Scheduled visits by screened Certified & Qualified American Sign language Interpreter

business meeting,with foreign language interpreter,with globe in backgound
Foreign Language Interpreting
Certified and trained linguist providing you the ability to establish effective communication in over 150 languages with your clients,business partners and more via simultaneous or consecutive interpretation sessions. Resulting in you closing more deals and increasing market share.

woman on phone in telephone interpreting call center
Telephone Interpreting OPI
Quickly connecting you and your clients via a secure over the telephone interpreting conference with a Trained Certified Telephone interpreter providing clear precise telephone translation services On demand.
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Video Remote Interpreting VRI
On Demand Access to Certified and Trained Sign language language and Spanish Interpreters via Video using a Secure Internet Connection to help you communicate effectively with Deaf and Non English Speaking patrons

document with glasss on top,and globe ,document and Web site translation
Website Translation Services
offering you the highest quality cost effective Website Translation in over 150 languages . We also translate documents and provide compliant notarization and certification for your Medical , Legal, Technical and Educational related Documentation Translation Services accurately and on time..
classroom for sign language workshop and Traning
Sign language Classes and Workshops
Developed to give your staff the ability to communicate with Deaf patrons and staff members increasing your organization productivity and access to services for the Deaf
classroom with chairs in circle for Deaf culture Workshop and Training
Deaf Culture Awareness Workshop
Training for your staff that gives a greater understanding of Deaf culture , custom and more increasing awareness and the delivery of services for Deaf patrons and staff .
Income Tax Forms pen and calculators used to fill out tax returns
Income Tax Preparation Services and Electronic Filing
Professional preparation of Income Tax Returns and Electronic filing services nationwide. Offering quality resources to get your taxes prepared accurately and receive your refund quickly.

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When you hire us

When you hire our Company, you will obtain a tool that will help you open up brand new avenues of communication and opportunity within your target markets around the globe and even with those who happen to be close to home! You've worked hard to get where you are and you shouldn't take unnecessary risks or chances with your image! Let us become the tool that you need to enhance the image you already have and help you reach new market .

No matter what business you are in today, you will potentially meet new customers in any given day who speak a different language. Some will speak very little English, and there are others who won't speak any at all. By hiring our firm, you'll be giving yourself an edge in today's marketplace. When you access our 15 years of expertise and our team's ability to articulately speak, translate and interpret over 150 various languages all across the globe, you'll be amazed that you didn't think of us sooner!

Please note A friend of medjugorje says were headed for a great awakening, protect your wealth and invest it wisely by hiring a company with a proven track record, Most Popular Languages For Translation and Interpreting Services

For an a free quote or an appointment today! is Home of MEJ Personal Business Services Inc

Manhattan Translation Office Location
245 East 116th Street, New York , NY 10029
Telephone:: 212-426-6017 / Fax: 646-827-3628


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