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Quality Amesrican Sign language Classes NYC

Sign language Classes for Business and Government Agencies

Do yo need to learn how to communicate with a Deaf or Hard of Hearing client, relative , co worker , friend or simply want to learn ASL? You have reached the right place. We offer quality professional Sign Language classes in New York City that will help you learn American Sign language and increase your ability to communicate with members of the Deaf community.

We offer both Basic and Advance sign language classes

The Basic sign language workshops were developed to introduce new comers to the world of American Sign language (ASL) . Upon completion of the workshop the student will be able communicate with Deaf people using basic ASL sentence structure and understand simple gestures used by the Deaf.

Our Advance Sign language Class was developed to help enhance the students ability understand and utilize complex sign language phases and increase their conversational use of the language.

We offer custom sign language training /classes for government agencies and private corporations that want to increase their ability to communicate with Deaf clients or employees.

Our Sign language workshops were developed to increase your organizations ability to communicate with and understand Deaf clients and employees . When you combine our sign language classes with the Deaf Culture Awareness workshop offered you will increase your organizations ability to,understand needs of Deaf consumers , why and how they should be addressed and more.

MEJ American Sign Language Classes offered combines, lectures , videos and role playing. To deliver a delightful experience that is both entertaining and educational. MEJ's sign language class makes a difference by educating your staff how to communicate with a Deaf individual and increases their sensitivity to issues related to delivery of services to Deaf clients or employees.

The Sign language classes/workshops are Ideal for organizations and environments such as Hospitals , Clinic ,Courts,Police Departments , Business offices, Government Agencies, Social Service, Fire Departments, Emergency Responders, Department Leadership and Executives.

When combining our Deaf culture workshop with our Basic Sign Language Training classes your organization is guaranteed to increase the delivery of services to Deaf clients, its ability to communicate with deaf consumers and increase the Deaf employee of client satisfaction with services rendered by your organization. We can provide you with the training and consultation services to help you deliver services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing in a culturally correct manner.

We have provided Sign language classes to New York City Department of Corrections , The New York City Department of Homeless Services employees and The New York City Department of Finance. The sign language classes where developed specifically for the work environments to ensure the staff members obtained information that was relevant and helpful during the execution of their duties.

To Increase your organization ability to communicate with Deaf - American Sign language Classes NYC Call 212-426-6017

MEJ Personal Business Services Inc serves the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community of one the worlds largest culturally diverse cities in the world, We have the expertise to address your agencies ,department ,events or personal need for professional Sign language classes and Consultation services. We have experience addressing the multilingual needs New York City and Government Agencies . Use the Agency that New York City Trust to provide sign language interpreters for it's Deaf and Hard of Hearing Citizens.


Manhattan Office Location

245 East 116th Street, New York , NY 10029


Sign Language Classes Business,Government Sign language in New York City,NYC,NYS,NY ASL Training

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